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Unstuck: How to Talk to Humans & Get them to Respond to You Book

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What is Unstuck?

“Is this another “Gameplan” business training? This is the 2nd book in the “Gameplan” series, but it is very unlike the first book. “Gameplan” is a comprehensive overview of all business training. Unstuck is where you go when you’ve plateaued. It’s what you pick up when no one is coming to classes and your OGV is stagnant. In three years, I interviewed over 8-thousand people and asked them what they did when they had a kit sale. Then I compiled all that data and put it in one place. This is a very powerful book.

There’s one skill you must master to reach the inner chambers of network marketing: how to connect with people. If you can master that, you can build a viable business. It is more critical than any other skill you will learn.” 

Sarah Harnisch